In Australia, sales through e-commerce site are increasing with each day. By the 2018, the amount of sale can be boosted by 21%. About 35% of these transactions are happening through mobile phones. Therefore, you can see that lot of money is associated with the process. Due to this reason, small business owners must create e-commerce site to enhance the amount of product sales and profit. To create a site for e-commerce, special care must be taken. There is no doubt in the fact that e-commerce is an excellent way to do business.

Previously, unique-commerce designs are not trusted. However, things have changed over the years. Buying things through internet has become a common place thing. It may not be considered as a difficult process and credit goes to web designers completely on the occasion. Therefore, good web design must be used with the site.

Sites for single or multiple products

Design for e-commerce must be approached adequately. Several product sites can be designed in the process. However, you can look at a single page site also. Requirement of a site with multiple products is pretty different from a single product site.

For a single product site, things can be managed quite easily with a simple page. Issues may not be seen at all to create the page. Still, it cannot be seen as a perfect option. Instead, you can try a product site with several pages. From the standpoint of architecture, it is very straightforward also.

In case of more than 10 products, it is better to go with multiple pages. However, small companies can deal with a single page in the beginning. Lot of time must be taken to think properly how the page can be constructed in proper manner.

Process of Designing

E-commerce sites may not look completely different from normal sites. However, some additional features are noticed on the occasion.  Design process must be figured out properly. Changes can be done on the web design until it is launched.

For an established store, it is possible to observe diverse range of things related to design. Images of the product play an essential role. It is better to select a minimalistic option on the occasion. However, it may not be adequate for a site with lot of ornamentation. From the beginning, you must acquire some idea about the final look.

Sales funnel must be developed properly including existing pages in addition to home page. Project must be mapped out properly always.


Must have an online e-commerce site

Key elements of e-commerce sites are:

Honesty: Through the web design, it is important to develop trust among the customers. In case the customer does not feel comfortable with the site then chances of selling product can be gone for ever.

Simple and easy to navigate: Function of the website must be simple enough to navigate. Confusion must not be created with the web design ever.

Transparency: Information related to the website must be given perfectly. Merchant policy must be described on the site elaborately also.